We Are Spydr

Update our own site


Redesign, redevelop and relaunch

It was time that we updated our own site.


Our site needed to be updated. Whilst it provided a way for potential clients to contact us, we discovered that until we spoke with them they weren't exactly clear on what we offered. Our new site has a plethora of information on the services we offer, the way we work and our most recent projects. The key aim was to ensure our clients knew exactly what we offered, convince them of our ability and direct them to make contact with us.

One of our key goals was to completely redesign the navigation for our site. We decided that our previous menu was limited and given the new wealth of information, we needed a more detailed menu to match. The desktop menu provides such a breakdown, whilst the cleverly animated mobile menu directs users to the right pages.

Our new site runs alongside our own marketing campaign. Social media is such a powerful tool and we are utilising it's reach. Each month we advertise our skills and services directly to thousands of businesses and individuals.

"It was great fun seeing the development process from the clients point of view".
Jade - We Are Spydr


The feedback we have received so far has been overwhelmingly positive. Potential clients can easily learn about the services which we offer and form an idea of what we can do for them before they get in touch. Our new menu and services icons form an integral part of the site and work seamlessly. We are really proud of our site and hope you like it!