Combat Corona: Go Digital

COVID-19 could kill your business without digital

Without an online alternative, the worldwide pandemic could force your business to close. We are offering support to anyone we can help.

Our team understand how to make your digital presence work as effectively as possible for you or your business. From online shops to subscription based membership sites, we have the technical ability to ensure that your business doesn't have to completely close.

Spydr's Financial Support

We understand how difficult these times are. That's why we are offering all new customers affected by the virus a huge 50% off. Furthermore, we are also allowing all new customers to split their costs evenly across a six month period (interest free). We cannot solve the pandemic, and we can't work for free (we are still a business ourselves!) but we hope this can help to reduce the impacts you or your business may face.

What can you offer?

Our services and products cover everything digital. From domain registration to influencer marketing, we do it all. However, the essential digital setup is below.

  • An effective website, that clearly tells consumers what services/products you offer. If you have products to sell, your website should also sell them directly rather than allowing a third party to take a cut.
  • Multiple social media channels. Social accounts are free to set up, so why wouldn't you! Ensure that your branding is clearly displayed and that you provide engaging content that will hopefully lead to a conversion!
  • Ensure that you regularly post some kind of streamlined news or updates on the situation to your audience. Coronavirus won't be around for ever and your customers will want to know what steps you're taking as a company to reduce the spread and when you might re-open. Posts these updates across your social media and website for the greatest effect.
How quickly can you deliver a project

We are determined to do all we can to support as many businesses as possible. Our standard project turn around time is 4 - 6 weeks but at a push with the whole team working on it, we can get it live in 7 - 10 days.

What discount are you offering?

We are offering a 50% discount to any business that has been negatively affected by the global pandemic. This discount applies to all of our products and services with no restrictions.

Exactly what services can you provide?

Simply put, we do everything that is digital. Our most popular products and services are websites, social media marketing, custom emails and hosting. For a full in-depth look at all the different services we provide, you can visit our capabilities page here

Want our help?

Fantastic. We cannot wait to help your business out in these difficult times. Head over to our contact page and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.