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Spydr is a full service digital agency, focused on enhancing your online presence. We utilise the very latest technologies to produce the digital products you need to help you achieve your goals.

Our Principles

Why Spydr?

Digital Products
All of our products are bespoke and tailored specifically to our clients needs. We never cut corners.
We analyse and understand the very latest trends to ensure that your products are seen by the right people.
Branding & Identity
Our team ensure that you stand out from the crowd with a strong identity.
Speed and security is fundamental. Our technology is industry leading.
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Core Principles


Knowledge and Understanding

In order to be able to provide you with a world class digital partnership, it is essential that our team understands the fundamental workings of your business. This allows us to tailor the user experience and functionality to best suit your business and your clients.


UI & UX Orientated

The Design (User Interface) and experiences (User Experience) underpin everything that we do and are fundamental to successful digital products. We implement clever, seamless methods to ensure that users love to interact with the products we build.


Iterative Processes

Design and marketing are both fundamentally subjective things and we love it when our clients have an input. During the development stage, you have the ability to see what our developers are doing. If they are going down a route that you don't like, you can tell us and we will adapt.


Real Results

From beginning to end our projects are designed to make an impact. At the end of any given project, we sit down with you and address to what extent we have achieved the initial goals. This reflection analysis is critical to ensuring you get the most our of your partnership with us.

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Our Team

As young individuals who have grown up in the new digital age, we are ideally positioned to implement the latest technologies in the most effective manner.

Social Media Marketing Platform

Results driven. Only pay for success. Marketing like never before.

Take all of the effort out of marketing with our subscription based programme. Our team produce adverts and digital content on your behalf. This is then sent to your team for approval. Upon approval, our system schedules the best times to fire out content into all the most effective places and channels. Furthermore, you can montior the results in real time with our integrated tracking system.

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